How to Measure Waist + Length

Women, this is for you: Take back your power + know thy waist and length! For some strange reason, the women's fashion industry has perpetuated a racket which has us trying to decipher sizing that is make believe (what's a 2? an 8? a 12?). Unknown. Men, on the other hand, learn the measurements of their waist and their inseam (or length) so they purchase pants like a normal person. It is SUPER easy to measure your waist and length. Take back your power, women, and learn your sizing. Here's how:   Now, go shop with confidence!

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Sometimes you just need to discuss purple as a power color. Yes, Monochrome is made in Minnesota and we have a lot of history with purple. Prince, for instance. Prince Rogers Nelson was a legend in Minnesota and his Purple Rain song will forever equate him with the color purple. In fact, in 2017 The Pantone Color Institute debuted “Love Symbol #2,” a deep purple based on the late star’s custom-made piano.  So we have purple and Prince in Minnesota. AND we have the Vikings NFL team. Purple + Yellow. Of course you've heard of the Purple People Eaters. Purple People Eaters were the defensive line of the Minnesota Vikings from the late 1960s to the late 1970s. It references a...

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Why was it called Yellow Fever? Great question. Because when I see yellow suits I develop a fever for want of them and it would make sense that you might say I have "yellow fever" and'd be mistaken.  Apparently. Google told me this: "Yellow fever is a viral disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes. Yellow fever can lead to serious illness and even death. It is called 'yellow fever' because in serious cases, the skin turns yellow in color. This is known as 'jaundice.'" So that's all terrible news. Though I do remember when our baby was born our midwives said he looked a bit jaundiced and when testing his skin, he, in fact was and this why: immature...

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